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Anyone Else See A Striking Resemblance To Starwars?

So, I was sitting up talking to some friends tonight and we were able to draw the following logical paralelles between our favorite movies, Starwars, and the current govermental regime of the United states.

Dick Cheney is Emperor Palpatine
He's been manipulating the system and his own power status since he was in his twenties, or for about 40 years now. Other people and groups have suffered for his own betterment/causes. (ex. haliburtan) He currently orchestrates the Bush administration. (remember how the mis-speak of a Cheney aid got around faster then the chicago fire? and what have we heard from our president recently other then his usual mindless drabble?)

George Bush (the elder) is quite possibly Count Dooku (explanation to come later)

Wubba is most likely Tarkin (explanation to come later)

Former President Clinton is Vader (explanation to come later)
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