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The Lone Gunmen

sane conspiracy geeks

The Lone Gunmen: *sane* conspiracy geeks
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The Lone Gunmen. Named after...well, if I have to explain who we're named after, then you're in the wrong place bubba.

What we are: rational, sane people who happen to believe in conspiracies. Yes, they do exist. They have for a very long time.

What we are not: racist, homophobic, bigoted, sexist, or generally just asshats. If you think The Jews control the media/banking, or The Gays run Hollywood, then get the fuck out. Oh, and we will mock you. Fiercly.

The mod that would be flamingnik reserves the right to freeze or delete off topic posts/threads. Or stupid ones. Let's act our age, not our shoe size, children, and everything will be copacetic.